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For over 25 years, Texas Temps of Dallas has been the number
one choice for temps across Dallas and Fort Worth.

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We are your best resource for Temporary and Seasonal Staffing Services in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas!

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  • Texas Temps of Dallas Inc


    We are the unsurpassed source for Temporary and Seasonal Staffing Services in the entire Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area.

  • Texas Temps of Dallas Inc


    Want to see if an employee is right for you before hiring them? Texas Temps will help you find the right people at the right time.

  • Texas Temps of Dallas Inc


    Reliable employment screening and vetting services are essential in helping you reduce risk as part of the hiring process.

  • Texas Temps of Dallas Inc


    We regularly communicate with you to ensure the ongoing success of the people we place in your business.

Texas Temps of Dallas Inc

What We Can Do For You

Looking for Work? Texas Temps and help you find the right job!

Long Lasting Local Relationships

We'he developed long lasting relationships with a wide range of business across the metroplex. Local business keep coming back to us thanks to the levele of service we provide.

Transportation Support

Need a ride to work? To better serve you and the employers that are hiring, we provide our workers with necessary transportation they need to get to work on time every time.

Guaranteed Work

We work closely with you to match you with the right job and ensure our customers get an excellent service. That’s why they keep coming back to us. This helps us to keep a steady flow of work for you in the years to come.

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